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Welcome to my Packet Radio homepage.
I started my first Packet Radio home page in early 1996, it was a page created solely for the purpose of having a page available on Packet Radio.
The original page was replaced in October 2002 when I started adding more pages to the site.
This introductory page is kept very basic to enable those with not such a good radio link to my station to receive this page without too much of a problem.

My Packet Radio Station is build around several PC's.
The main system is serving the radio ports and holds the BBS.
Another system,, holds this page. The systems are interconnected via 10/100Mbps ethernet.
The systems can also be accessed from the Internet on the domain name
Currently these machines are running DR-DOS 7.03, but at least for some of the services I would like to move to Linux somewhere in the future.

Currently all the pages are in English, though I may be adding Dutch (only this start page now) versions of the pages in the future.

Continue English

In many countries there is a lobby to make technical measures to stop online file sharing a requirement for all ISPs.........
This might be what is going to be the result.......

Beach with palm Angela, M1SCH / PE1BIV

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